The available tools and "More Menu" differ a fair amount from Version 1. We should modify the toolbar to align with Version 1's tool naming and tool placement.
  • [ ] Rename the current menu named "More" to "View"
  • [ ] Add a "More" menu. Move Bidirectional, Ellipse, Circle, Rectangle, Freehand, and Brush into it (in that order)
  • [ ] Add missing tools (dragProbe, Magnify, clear tools, flip H, flip V, Invert, ROI Window) which were present in v1 (see for the order)
  • [ ] Fix tool names. 'EllipticalRoi' should be Ellipse. 'CircleRoi' should be Circle, 'RectangleRoi' should be Rectangle.
  • There was intentional decisions made for the original placements and naming
  • The new placement causes the icons to wrap at an earlier minimum screen width